Holistic Therapies


Reiki is a Japanese energy balancing method that works by the practitioner resting their hands in a series of non-invasive positions on or over the bodies energy field allowing energy to flow through them to the recipient. This is channelled through the meridian lines to unblock and clear stagnated energy  promoting natural healing whilst bringing total balance on a physical, mental & emotional level. 

Aurora Essence

Aurora Essence is a vibrational energy balancing treatment that consists of small coloured bottles containing plant extracts and colour which are then activated with earths minerals and light. By placing the bottles on or around the body an energy  exchange will occur helping you to let go of all you no longer need, replacing with an energy support system on all levels to help you move forward.

Indian Head massage

Concentrating solely on the head, neck and shoulders. This massage helps to induce physical and mental relaxation therefore helping to calm and restore balance the mind. Can help with headaches sinus problems and more.


A natural healing art which works on the whole of the body by stimulating the reflex points of the feet.          Excellent for migraine, stress,  hormonal imbalance & more.